10 Gym Fails That Will Make You Cringe

Scott C. Hopkins/ April 12, 2017/ Fitness/ 0 comments

We’ve all been there. We’ve looked around at the gym and saw someone doing something weird and thought, “that doesn’t look right.” Perhaps that someone was you—take pleasure in knowing that you’re not alone. But please, be careful out there.

1. Not Understanding How to Work Your “Core”


People think the more instability you add into your workouts, the more your core is going to get engaged. Wrong. A little bit of instability is fine, but someone please explain to us what this is actually doing.

2. Lifting Too Light


Lifting heavy weights won’t make you get bulky. Lifting heavy will make you strong, give you shape, and help you look more defined (toned).

3. Eating at the Gym


I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this, but please don’t eat on the gym floor. Your gym might have a juice bar or café. Eat your food there, or at home, or even in your car. No one wants to see you chomping down on food during your workout. And also, it’s nasty.

4. Getting Too Creative


Creativity is good. We should all allow our creativity to flourish more. However, maybe the gym isn’t the best place.

5. Acting Like You Know How to Use the Equipment, When Really…

Some machines look intimidating. Sometimes it’s scary to ask for help because it can damage our ego. Trust us, your ego will get hurt less than your back.

6. Not Properly Re-racking Your Weights


Bad things happen when you don’t put your weights away neatly! (Like 7 years of bad luck bad!)

7. Biting Off More Than You Can Chew
We all have to start somewhere. Know your limits. Don’t go for gold right away, take your time, enjoy the process and slowly work up to it.

8. Being on the Phone


Don’t be these guys.

9. Not Bringing Enough Hair Ties


Always bring extra hair ties. Always.

10. Nope.

Whatever is going on here. Don’t do this.

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